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Pulling it all together
We work with students ages 6 to 80. We have a set of learning goals for each level. Our lessons include games, activities, videos, online learning, and the traditional oral and written practice. Each semester, the students are given an exam (oral and written) so that the teachers can improve their instruction and the students can see where they are strong and which areas still need more time and practice.
Many of our students have been with us for years. The video shows four girls who started when they were 6-8 years old and are still with us today.

Working to help students make it into Prepa and eventually a university is important. So is helping our adults earn better wages by being "English speaking" housekeepers, gardeners, massage therapists, and hair stylists.
When we have requests, we offer special classes for gardeners and housekeepers. These focus on the English most needed for their jobs.  Knowing what it means to "deadhead a flowering plant" or "please clean the screened porch first today" means they are more ready for the expat experience.

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