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Giving a little can help a lot.


Jocotepec DIF provides us with rent-free building space, electricity, gardener, and housekeeping.

With over 250 students, we need to raise money to pay for the ink and paper, printer repairs, markers, and more.  We do charge our students 200 pesos per semester to help cover the costs, but that doesn’t meet our financial needs. 

Once a year, we work with the Feria de Maestros selling the raffle tickets for the donated art pieces. This past year we earned 56,000 pesos which supported our printer repairs and the purchase of new tablets.

We are especially grateful to our monthly donors who use the Foundation for Lakeside Charities website to transfer funds to our account. This really helps us know that we will have a specific amount of money available each month.

Simply Joyful is hosting a dinner for us on August 24th.  50 tickets at 500 pesos each and all the funds come to us!

You Can Make A Difference

Thank you


Marianne Carlson and the entire Feria Board has been very kind to permit the English program to partner with them on the raffle ticket sales.

Tina Elwood facilitated getting a generous donation of paper and ink from this chapter of the DAR.

Pat Yarbough is a monthly donor through Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities. 

Mark Skrivanek has ensured that we have tables, chairs, books, and even a lockable door. 

Patricia Castillo has been a continual donor and an "informador" to all she meets.

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Because this organization accepted us, we are able to offer an online way to accept donations and even provide a form for USA tax use.


Linda Rudisell-Hines assists with the webpage, publicity, and has donated a computer and a TV.

Lucky Dog volunteers contributed for one month's Total Play!



Make a tax deductible donation‏. 

Go to their website. Click on Affilliated Agencies - Health, Education- 

and then find us.


Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: (331) 329-7572‬


Thanks to all who have donated their tablets, printers, and computers. We are so fortunate to have  technology and are able to provide some of our prepa and university students with the extras.

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