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Basic Curricula


This organization exists exclusively to provide English classes to all interested villagers living in the Lake Chapala villages. We currently have approximately 250 students from Ajijic to the villages on the south side of the lake. We have two facilities (Casas de Formación) provided to us by DIF, one in San Juan Cosalá and the other in El Chante. Classes are taught at four levels:  Beginning (young learners), Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Students apply to attend classes and are screened for placement in the appropriate level.  Exams are given three times a year to ascertain the progress of each student and to allow movement within the levels.  

In the future, we hope to:

  • Provide programs for specific job-related English needs, such as personal care assistants, gardeners and housekeepers.

  • Provide programs for parents and their preschoolers to learn English basics together.

  • Work on generating sponsors for the future “teachers” program.

  • Integrate computers into the English program through Duolingo and Live Worksheets

Our Basic Learning Expectations
Vocabulary and Skills
Level Expectations (draft)

The Directors
Laura, Elle, and Carol

We Need Your Support Today!

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