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What is Puerta al Ingles?


English classes have been in operation in San Juan Cosala since 2011 and in El Chante beginning in 2022.  We are now recognized, approved, and assisted by the Jocotepec Government and the DIF program.

When retired teacher and principal Carol Curtis moved full-time to Mexico, she was asked by neighbors and handymen if she would consider teaching their families English. That’s how it all started.  Puerta al Ingles went from Carol teaching eight children to 30 teachers helping over 250 people learn English.

What started in Carol's patio, moved to all over her house, to rented houses and now to the Casas de Formacion in El Chante and San Juan Cosala.

When the program needed to move from Carol's house to a better space, Dave and Ginny Gruelich stepped up and paid the rent for 3 years. Operation Feed and fund raising paid for the gardener, housekeeper, internet, and supplies. When the 3 years of rent coverage was ending, the president of Jocotopec, José  Miguel Gómez López, and Dilia Ibarra Espinoza, the head of DIF in Jocotepec, honored our efforts by providing the spaces for classes at no charge to the program. This means that the monetary needs are now only for supplies and growing technology sosts.

In cooperation with the Feria Maestros del Arte, the English School organizes and runs the artists' raffle and shares in the profits. This year, the school received 56,000 pesos for their efforts. The funds were used to pay for replacement tables and the technology needs, including the purchase of 6 new tablets. With additional donations by wonderful sponsors and teachers, the program now has 18 tablets for use by the students.


When the school was at Carol's house

Two programs ... two villages

Our Mission

When the school was at rented houses.

We Need Your Support Today!

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