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What are our biggest needs?
Help paying our monthly technology bills. We now have enough tablets, but with them comes the Internet and application fees.
Our Totalplay costs (1800 a month) and our Liveworksheets cost (1000 a month).

You don't have to speak Spanish to teach!

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

The mission of the English program is to help students achieve their English goals and be successful where English is important in school, the community, and employment.

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Empower Our


We have no paid staff at this time. A goal is to establish a program to train members of the Mexican communities to teach the early learners. The need for English skills is great and working with Mexicans who speak English but need support in learning the teaching methods would be one way to expand the program and ensure its longevity. These early learner teachers would need to be compensated for the time they spend preparing and teaching classes. It would be the way to establish a sustainment plan for the future of the English classes. Our goal is to find 4 sponsors who would contribute 800 pesos a month (for the 9 months we are in session) to compensate a teacher. 

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